About Honey Velvet

Honey Velvet is a curated collection, handpicked and born out of love + obsession with all things minimal, neutral, and sustainable.
The mission behind the brand is to fight for premature babies and to support their families, as well as their unique needs, through transition from the NICU and into their homes. A portion of the Honey Velvet proceeds are donated to some of our favorite preemie foundations in order to provide these families with care packages, mentorship, and resources.

Hey there, friends! My name is Tayler Lewis and I'm a mama to my sun child- Maverick, my moon baby- Jovie, and my love child- Honey Velvet Collection. I am also a wife to the man that has made all of my desires come true, including helping my vision for Honey Velvet come to life.
My little shop is, simply, a collection of all the things that I adore and hope you will too. 
Your support means everything to me, 
xx Tayler